How did this all get started anyway?

The program was created in 1997 in Brooklyn, NY by rock composer/musician and father of 3, David Weinstone, and has been going great guns in NYC ever since. Music for Aardvarks is distinct from other children’s music programs in that all classes are based around Mr. Weinstone’s original songs, rhythms, and chants. In an exhilarating range of musical styles, Aardvark songs reflect and celebrate the lives of kids growing up today. The music is innovative, intelligent, and irresistibly appealing to both kids and their parents.

And what is so special about Music for Aardvarks in Memphis?

Memphis is a music town. Known the world over for its rich rock and soul heritage, Memphis cultivates a taste for excellence where music is concerned, so why should parents settle for less when it comes to the music their children listen to. Plain and simple, Music for Aardvarks, is great music!! Parents love the songs as much as their kids do, so time together listening, whether it be during classes, riding in the car, or dancing around the living room is always more meaningful and fun!!

The Aardvarkian Philosophy

Provided with a stimulating and fertile musical environment, positive role models, gentle guidance and encouragement, young children will have enriching and vital musical experiences that help them gain a sense of themselves and a connection to the world they live in.

Goals and Expectations

A Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals class is a place where children can experience music in a rich variety of ways. Whether actively participating or simply listening and watching, children are learning in ways that are right for them as individuals, and at their own pace. A more instructional approach, with a focus on specific results, is not only age inappropriate, but totally unnecessary for their musical development. Exposure to musical experiences, guidance and parental modeling allows young children to explore and learn on their own without the anxiety of others expectations.

Parents as Models

Parent/caregiver participation in class activities is strongly encouraged. Whether you consider yourself to be musically inclined, or someone who can't carry a tune to save your life, is of little importance when it comes to the positive impact your participation will have on your child. Your willingness and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to the group as a whole, and exemplify for your child that joining in is not about "performing" but having fun. And by the way, if Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals isn't fun, demand your money back. Hope to see you in class!