Mr. Joe


Known as the beloved "Mr. Joe" and "the pied piper of rockin' good times" from the deepest pockets of Collierville to the edges of the Mississippi in Harbor Town, Joe Murphy is the director and head teacher of Music for Aardvarks, Memphis. 

He has been wowing families with his high spirited, big fun classes in Memphis since 2006. He has performed live, either solo or with his family jam band 'Dandelion and the Raindrops', at the Levitt Shell, Memphis Zoo, Germantown Performing Arts Center, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, The Brooks Museum, Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, Botanic Gardens, University Club, Downtown Farmers Market and many living rooms throughout Memphis.

He is also a trained and registered Music Together teacher and attended the Diller-Quaile School of Music where he studied the Dalcroze approach to music education. In a previous life, Joe performed professionally as an actor in NYC off and on Broadway and in numerous TV shows. In his current life, he is a Memphis loving farm boy from Wisconsin raising two boys in midtown with two chickens, two ducks, and a rabbit in the backyard.


Mr. Dave

David Virone is a Memphis based musician with a passion for community. He has a diverse history of music endeavors from church choir and high school jazz band to composing for film and playing in rock bands. With a command of over a dozen different instruments including guitar, mandolin, bass and banjo, to name a few, David feels that his strongest connection to others and community is through music. Engaging his audience with energy, a big smile is always his signature. David can be found entertaining at various elderly communities around the Memphis area with traditional American folk, gospel and popular music.