"I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful party today.  It really meant a lot to Bryce, Will and me (not to mention, Kate and Mike) that you were a part of the day.  

The memories we're making at the kids' birthday parties and each week in class are and forever will be so precious to us. You provide such a sweet opportunity to share music, song, dance and play with our little ones…and I just can't imagine anything better. You're genuinely talented and you're doing so much more than you probably even know. You've definitely made a difference in my family and I'm sure countless others.

Thanks for being the Memphis jewel that you are."

Will, Kate and Mike's Mom Kathy

Music for Aardvarks is genius -- it has a perfect combination of singing and movement that keeps kids engaged and having fun! It is the highlight of my child's week and I'm not afraid to admit I find myself singing the songs for days after." "What a great way to spend quality time with your child - moms and dads and kids clearly enjoy

Maisie's mom Katie

"My children, Lily & Jack, absolutely love aardvarks! The music is great & we love listening to the CDs at home. The classes keep the kids very engaged while providing some early socialization. They look forward to their time with Mr. Joe every week!"

Lily and Jack's mom Erin

Aardvarks was such a large part of my children's preschool years. We stated attending classes when my oldest was 8 months old without stopping to when my second son was 3 and 1/2 and starting school. Mr. Joe instilled a love of music in my children. A love that has continued with their taking piano lessons currently. I cannot recommend Music for Aardvarks enough for a parent/child class. It will forever be a favorite memory for my family.

Trey and Rob's mom Dupree

3 children and 7 years later still going to Music for Aardvarks!! Simply said, we just love it! 

 Andrew, Ella, and Lila's mom Cindy

Music for Aardvarks has been a part of our lives for 5 years and we LOVE everything about it.  It takes a special teacher to act, sing and keep our little ones entertained.  Joe Murphy is THAT person and your kids, like my two girls, will blossom and grow before your eyes.  You, as the parent, will love Music for Aardvarks' clever and unique songs/CD's too."

Eve and Lucy's mom Karen

Beth and I brought Brandon to your classes at First Congo a year or so ago and he had a ball (so did we)! It was the best hour spent together each week. We still sing and play "Mr. Joe" music.

Brandon's mom, Mary

In addition to being a very fun class--my son Jacob was a bit of a late talker--I found Music for Aardvarks' live music format to be very helpful in facilitating and stimulating his speech development.  Some of Jacob's first songs were songs he learned from Mr. Joe.  Thanks, Mr. Joe!

Jacob's mom Jennifer

"I'm really happy that the songs we're singing are not 'The Wheels on the Bus,' but they're clever and witty and appeal to adults as well as children,"  "That's a good thing, because my children want to listen to the CDs incessantly, and I'm much happier to put something like that in, instead of something overly repetitive."

McCool and Wrens mom, Mary Allison

We loved Music for Aardvarks! The fun has continued long after our season in the class because Ollie wants to sing along with the CD each time we're in the car. The songs are so original, positive and fun for all of us. It's delightful. The time spent in your classes was such a treat for us, and I looked forward to it at the end of each busy week.

Oliver and Chloe's mom, Katie